Duplicating Landing Pages and How You Can Benefit From It

Example of a duplicated landing page

We often say that building landing pages can be easy and quick, and we mean it! But even if doing something is effortless and not very time-consuming while still leading to great results, repeating it over and over may not be on your bucket list, to say the least.

But what if we say that you can use the same landing page multiple times? Of course, not in its entirety, but large portions of it? If that sounds great to you, stay with me and keep reading.

Landing page adjusted to buyer personas

Back in Chapter 2 of the Landing Page Academy, we’ve talked about buyer personas and how making them can influence the creation of your landing pages. We’ve also mentioned that this knowledge may come in handy later – that time is now!

During the process of making buyer personas, you’ve probably ended up with a few of them. Each persona has its own voice and wants to see different things on your landing pages. Make sure they all see what they crave – duplicate your landing pages and make them slightly different to fit the needs of all your future visitors.

Most major landing page builders offer a duplication tool, and it’s usually a matter of two mouse clicks. And pow! You’ve got another landing page comin’!

Of course, you can’t just leave the new one as it is, but you can change it here and there just for your next buyer persona. Imagine you’re selling laptops. You’ve got dozens of models from various brands and a broad target audience. You’ve used landing pages to promote some of your offers, and you want to do it on a larger scale.

Buyer Personas – Remember Those?

What Can You Do to Make Your Landing Page Look Like a Completely New One?

Write a new headline. Laptops for business customers and teenagers should never share the same opening line. Also, it would be best if you created different ads for them.

Update the value proposition. Trying to convince different people to buy your product with the same selling point is risky – make sure that you update the value proposition before launching the landing page.

Pick some new benefits. It would help if you said what the specific audience would get with the laptop you’re selling:

  • Higher battery life means uninterrupted work from any place, and it will be a great benefit for traveling businesspeople.
  • A 120Hz screen is just a feature, but with the proper wording, you can pass the message for a gaming teenager – unmatched smoothness of gameplay is what they look for in a monitor.
  • A high-quality camera means that the streaming career of an aspiring Twitch star can speed up from this point.

Change the pictures. If you’re selling a different model, it’s easy, but if you’re trying to offer the same laptop to another buyer persona, try playing with colors, angles and accentuate different elements: light weight, variety of ports, thin bezels around the screen.

Include different testimonials if available – of course, any genuine opinion is better than none at all, but if you have the opportunity to choose testimonials that come from someone that the buyer persona might know of or relate to, do it.

All that editing seems like a lot of work, but having the same landing page core saves you tons of time and effort, especially if you compare it with making a new landing page from scratch.

Before publishing your new (but familiar) landing page, make sure it has a new title, SEO description, and an open-graph image. It’s essential due to user experience reasons. Each landing page should have its unique title and description because their contents differ, and sometimes users read search engine snippets, and if they don’t catch their attention, they never visit the site.

Making a duplicate copy of your landing page is just the first step of its journey. You need to drive traffic to it separately, create new ads that will speak to its target, and so on.

That way, you can create dozens of landing pages for various occasions, spending a lot less time on each.

Don’t Forget the Basics

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1. Duplicating landing pages speeds up the work but requires making some changes.

2. Provide new landing pages with unique titles and descriptions.

3. Update the copy and visuals on the landing page.

4. If possible, add testimonials matching the audience.

Scaling Landing Pages and Reusing Sections

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