Scaling Landing Pages and Reusing Sections

Scaling landing pages and reusing sections

If you’ve read the previous lesson carefully, you already know that duplicating landing pages is a big part of scaling your online marketing. In this article, you’ll learn about other ways to scale. Also, I’ll talk about reusing some aspects of your existing landing pages.

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The answer lies in the difference between online marketing and TV marketing. If you’re running a TV campaign, you don’t have too many personalization or targeting options. You may, of course, choose your advertisement to be aired in specific segments – I’m sure you’ve seen relevant ads after a football game or between two episodes of your favorite soap opera.

To make their ads more effective, marketing analysts check who watches what and try to match the displayed ads with the target audience. But in TV marketing, it’s so basic! Commercial creators have to operate on assumptions, predictions, and previous data. In contrast, on the Internet, you can choose to show your ads to a specific type of audience based on data they shared (like age, city of residence, or hobbies).

Keep in mind, though, that with great power comes a great headache because it’s tough to choose who to communicate with in the first place. Or it would be if you wouldn’t scale your marketing.

Scaling online marketing means you don’t have to choose, but you can get to various target audiences with less effort. Sounds tempting, but the question is: how?

Why should you scale your online marketing at all?

The perfect tool for scaling

Landing pages are made for scaling – they are easy to build, you don’t need to hire an entire team to create one, and they are also much cheaper to buy than regular websites if you don’t want to get your hands dirty.

What’s more, you can easily clone landing pages to reuse them. I’ve spent some time on this matter in the previous lesson, but if you missed it, know that duplicating landing pages can save you tons of time, but it also requires some work to make a new landing page unique.

One of the potential problems with duplicated landing pages is when you have to update all your pages at once. Let’s say that you’ve included a section about your company, and some critical information has changed after a month or two.

Editing each landing page can be a nightmare, especially if you have hundreds of them. Luckily, there’s a solution. In Landingi, it goes under the name of Smart Sections, but you can find similar features in other landing page builders, too. How does it work?

With Smart Sections, you can create a section preset, add all the information you need (pictures, videos, even a form), and save it. When your smart section is ready to use, you can add it to any number of landing pages you want. What’s even better, once you update a smart section, all the changes will be visible instantly everywhere you decide to include this section.

Smart Sections

When do you need scaling?

All these solutions work great if you run multiple pages for a single campaign and even greater if there’s more than one campaign going at a time.

Note, though, that in such a case, it would be best to create separate ads for each landing page to maintain a consistent message match. So with duplicating landing pages and creating smart sections, you may save lots of time and generally make your job easier. Still, you shouldn’t forget that copy-pasting landing pages cannot achieve personalization and uniqueness.

You still need to personalize them to give your visitors all the reasons to believe that you’ve created those landing pages just for them.

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1. Scaling online marketing works best when you run multiple campaigns with multiple pages per each.

2. To save yourself lots of time and effort, try duplicating landing pages and make smart sections

3. There’s still a need for personalized content, so try to write and show unique messaging for various audiences.

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