Driving Traffic to Your Landing Page

Example of landing page traffic

Creating a landing page without delivering the traffic to it is like throwing a party without sending invitations. You may have the most fabulous decorations, delicious food, and fun games up your sleeve, but all of this doesn’t matter if there’s no one to participate.

Pasting the link to your landing page here and there hoping that it would suffice is undoubtedly not enough, even if your expectations aren’t very high. Answering why is painfully simple.

  • When users look for something on the internet, they get billions of results. Making them choose yours is tough, and it’s getting tougher each minute.

  • People see thousands of ads each time they visit search engines, social media platforms, or news portals. That means even running paid campaigns doesn’t guarantee success.
How to drive traffic to landing page

It all may sound a bit depressing, but there’s a light at the end of this tunnel, and I can assure you that it’s not a speeding train. Let’s see what you can do to drive and increase traffic on your landing page!

Find a Perfect Way to Drive Traffic

There are tons of methods of driving traffic to your landing pages, but trying to follow each of these paths is not the best idea. On the other hand, focusing strongly on just one probably won’t be very effective – you need to find a perfect balance… or at least some balance.

Keep in mind, though, that none of the following options guarantees immediate results – some work faster, some take much longer to bring effects, be ready for that.

Keywords are the foundation of SEO. If you find and use fitting keywords on your landing page, you can significantly raise the chance to make it visible in organic search.

Note that optimizing a landing page for search engines will have the best impact if your landing page is here to stay. If you’re building a page for a one-time offer that you never plan to repeat, and the landing page will be removed afterward, don’t even bother with SEO.

Ask yourself: which question should the users type in the search engine to be happy with finding my landing page?

Search for perfect keywords

Set up your page for SEO

Your landing pages should have an SEO title, meta description, as well as an open-graph image and its description. Keep in mind that each landing page should be unique when it comes to these elements.

So if you’re about to launch a few landing pages, make sure they all have different titles, descriptions, and so on – all matching their primary goal.

One of the most effective (yet still free!) ways to drive traffic to your landing pages is linking to them from your existing pages, social media, and so on.

Let’s say you created a landing page with a special holiday offer for your customers. Add a post on your company’s Facebook page, upload a photo to your Instagram, add IG stories with a link (if your account is big enough), and don’t forget to place a link on your company’s website (preferably homepage). You can always take down the info about a special offer when it comes to an end.

Also, if you write a blog regularly, why not include a link to your landing page in some entries that match the topic?

Link to your new landing page

Inform your subscribers about it

I assume that you already have some email lists – customers, leads, and so on. You can include info about your landing page in the newsletter or send a special message with it.

Be sure to send it only to people who might be interested. Target your emails as you target ads – no point in sending emails to everyone in your inbox.

Speaking of which...

If you’ve got the budget and you’re sure that the landing page you’ve created has potential, consider advertising it on the related topics.

There are dozens of online advertisement types, but you may start with search ads, social ads, and display ads.

Run paid ads

  • Advertising in search engines means that users searching for specific keywords may stumble upon your page at the top (or bottom) of search results. This may be costly, but it’s also one of the most effective ways to show your landing page to a broader audience.

Remember that running search ads requires choosing relevant keywords, so make sure they’re the same as the user intent (in other words: these are the words people would type in if they were searching for the very subject of your landing page).

  • Social ads are a capacious term since all the most significant social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Quora, Twitter) have their ad engines, which means that you should carefully select where to start.

The thing about social media advertising is that you can target your audience in a very detailed way (for example, your ads may appear only to middle-aged women living in San Francisco who are interested in racing). It’s your call! And the next great thing is that making your target audience very narrow and specific makes advertising a lot cheaper and more effective!

  • Display advertising – I’m sure you’ll know a display ad when you see one. Ads appear on websites you visit while online shopping or just reading news, and their job is to show and tell what the offer is about in a blink of an eye.

To begin with ads, you might want to create a Google Ads account. Setting up your first PPC campaigns isn’t hard, and Google has provided helpful tutorials for those who haven’t had the opportunity to advertise anything online before.

Other Ways

Of course, the methods of driving traffic mentioned above don’t mark the end of the list. There are many other ways, such as partnering up with influencers, retargeting, or having your fellow employees or partners sharing your content to get some organic traffic. It’s up to you to decide which you should start with.

Also, we are aware that we’ve just scratched the surface of an ads topic – fear not, the in-depth guide of how to advertise landing pages is on its way and will be available in the next Chapter of the Landing Page Academy.

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1. There’s no point in trying everything at once – pick two or three most promising ways to drive traffic and go with them.

2. Prepare a landing page to be found in search engines – use keywords in content and make sure to cover all the meta tags.

3. Use all your existing channels to promote your landing pages – every link counts!

4. Pay extra attention to paid advertising – it is costly but may bring impressive results.

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