Finding an Outstanding Template

Examples of landing page templates

Usually, the first step after hitting that “Create a new landing page” button is to select a template. Of course, if you have some design skills (or you’re a graphic designer yourself), you can create a landing page starting from a blank screen, but unless you already have a vision or even a project ready in your head, I’d recommend going with the template. But how to find a perfect one?

Built-in Templates

The majority of landing page builders have their own template repositories, but even a great number of these won’t guarantee their quality. You can easily find 100, 300, or even 500 templates in some builders, but not all templates are created equal. What’s really important is not their quantity, but how well they fit your goal.

Piece of advice: if you’re in need of templates that are meant for a specific goal or branch, browse through templates galleries of various builders and check if their built-in templates meet your expectations both in quality and quantity.

Black and white example of a landing page template

Template Catalogues

Sometimes you just need more than the templates you’ve already seen or used in your builder. There are some templates stores, like TemplateMonster or ThemeForest, where you can find what you need. Be advised, though, that there aren’t many free templates, so you’d probably have to pay for the one you want.

If you need a landing page that’s ready to use, you may also want to have it designed by a professional – some companies provide a landing page design service, and – as their customer – you may count on some discounts or even free design as a welcome gift. Keep your eyes open for such opportunities, especially if you don’t have any designers in your team.

Order a Design

There are tons of elements that make a landing page effective and some of them come from the template. So if you’re out on the hunt for the one that will significantly increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaign, you should check those elements:

How to Tell if the Template is Good Enough?

Can it be adjusted to your needs?

  • Are buttons visible?
  • Does the headline stand out?
  • Do all the colors work together?
  • Is the form editable?
  • Can the sections be resized or removed if necessary?
  • Are there any fixed elements?

And lastly, do you like it?

Answer all those questions and see for yourself, if the template you’re reviewing now, meets your requirements. And if you need more advice or inspiration, check out an ebook written by my colleague: 111 Landing Page Examples – the Ultimate Guide!

Is the template clear enough?

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There are tons of landing page templates and most of them are highly adjustable, so feel free to try out a few of them or even borrow elements from one to another. As long as the landing page feels consistent, it doesn’t matter that they come from different templates – it’s not like they’re glued together.

1. Check the Template Gallery in your landing page builder

2. Browse through other template catalogues

3. Order a landing page design if you don’t have a graphic designer to help you.

4. Grab some inspiration from our ebook or other landing pages seen on the web.

Writing a Convincing Copy

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