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Your affiliate links to get leads and customers for Landingi

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We constantly add new links, so check your dashboard often.


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Why to use these links instead of the ones at PartnerStack?


  1. It would be the best if the links you'll publish were a do-follow type and point to the main domain
  2. You must use links provided above. Not the ones from PartnerStack.
  3. We don't want links from websites considered suspicious (gambling, pornography, etc.) Don't do it!

Dear Partner!

If you read this, it means that you care! And so do we. With your help we can grow together!

In order to do it, we need to work closely together. That’s why we’ve prepared this special dashboard.

We would like you to get more backlinks for us, and doing this means SEO improvement for Landingi, more traffic and more customers (for you too!).

We’ve prepared a special mechanism that allow you to use direct links to domain, instead of those used in PartnerStack by default, which lack the SEO power.

No worries, by using these links you will not lose the affiliation. We’ve tested that and everything works.

Here’s what you can do:

- Replace your affiliate links with those listed above. They already have your partner key attached, so the tracing will work seamlessly.

- Publish these links on new websites, where you can do it.

- Stay tuned for upcoming challenges, extra rewards might get there soon!

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