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During the onboarding session you will learn:


How to use the editor and build a landing page that catches the attention of your visitors

How to publish a landing page under your domain or subdomain

Publishing options

How to use the Landingi platform to reduce the costs of running campaigns & what to do with Leads you collected




How to add analytics tools (like Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel) to your landing pages

Anything, you'd like to ask about

How to prepare for the meeting?

45 minutes of your time

That's all you need to learn the basics of the platform and to build your first landing page.

After setting up a session, you will automatically receive a notification with a link to Google Meet - online meeting tool.

If you prefer a different form of contact, please let us know by replying to the notification sent.

Internet access

Preferably in the form of a list. The questions may concern the platform itself, as well as your campaign. In both areas you can rely on our experience.

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