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Case studies


Mike & Renee are immigrants who work hard and are really good savers. They have big financial goals but they were very green when it came to property, finance and tax.

Initially they were weary of investing because of all the unknowns. After several meetings they gained the knowledge and confidence to take the leap.

They did not have enough of a deposit to buy an investment property right away. Instead they invested their Superannuation into a development project to start building their nest egg.

This not only gave them far more hope for their retirement, but the goal setting and planning sessions gave them motivation and excitement to go further. They soon saved up enough for their first investment property, and we were able to help them buy their second investment in just over 12 months.


Simon is a Firey and Rachael is a paramedic but on maternity leave with their 2nd child. Simon had 3 properties when I first met him and he was well on his way to building a successful portfolio.

Despite this Simon was “impatient” and did not want to wait for 20 years for his properties to grow enough and his debt reduce enough to sell down and maybe retire. Simon lacked a plan to turn property into cashflow. “Anybody can buy property, but how do you structure it to live off the income?” Simon told us.

Our strategy for Simon strategy was perfect for his goals and just “made sense”.

The development investments provided Simon with a genuine strategy to turn his equity into yearly income enough to replace both his and his partner’s income in 7-15 years.

Even though Simon was excited to get into the developments, he also saw the logic of our strategy to buy one last investment property to ensure his foundation was set in stone.

Simon has just bought another investment property with our help and is extremely excited to get into the property development projects.

As you can see, our clients are normal every-day people — just like you.

And they started their wealth journey the same way you are NOW…Let us show you how you can finally get the tax monkey off your back now and start building your portfolio so you become financially free and retire that much sooner.

Imagine how you’d feel knowing you are debt free, and have enough money to go on those overseas holidays you really want to go on.

Being able to throw away those “leg-chains” once you pay off your mortgage in as little as 7-10 years. Yes, it is possible. We have already helped 700+ people just like you do it. Now it’s your turn.And you are safeguarded by our 100% 3 step guarantee.

We saved Gary 40k on the build for this new home by negotiating discounts with builders

Claire made 85k in 2 years net return after this commercial property development deal.

But don’t just take it from us...


Our method

Proven method to replace your income in 7-15 years

96% of property investors face at least 1 of these challenges


Unable to pay down home loans and investment debt

Higher property prices mean higher mortgages. Most home owners or investors lack a plan for clearing their debt.

With lending conditions tighter and property prices much higher, it’s no longer possible for the average investor to build a large portfolio without a cash flow strategy.

Unable to get further lending once their borrowing maxes out


This is the biggie. Assuming you can get passed challenge 1 and 2, how do you know how much income you will have (or savings to act as income) to get through your retirement years? And hopefully leave something for the kids?

They don’t have a plan to achieve a specific passive income goal


The old way doesn’t work. You may have heard it before? Buy multiple properties, hold them for 20-30 years and sell enough to clear the debt and live off rental and savings.

The main issue with this is it takes 20-30 years and isn’t viable for most investors to buy that much property. What is lacking more than anything is investors having a specific plan tailored towards passive income goals. Most investors can buy a property, or 2. But how do you turn your portfolio into consistent income?

We’ve seen experienced property investors with 14+ properties that don’t have an answer to this. And even better, how can it be done in 7-15 years?

At WolfeSmiths we educate and help investors to solve these challenges using our unique method The LOOT Method - (Life On Our Terms)

So how does it work?

There are 2 strategies that make up the LOOT Method


Build a property portfolio


Invest capital into property development projects. Doable using cash, equity or superannuation.


Names: John and Lisa

Age: 38 and 35

Finances: Own their own home with a mortgage. Have $20k in savings and $120k of useable equity. Have a combined income of $180k

Children: 2

Goals: $100k passive income in 10 years, own 4 investment properties, have the flexibility to live life while investing but eventually give up their current jobs and start their own small business. They also want a secure retirement by 55 and be able to help. Travel and living life a long the way is very important to them.

The Plan

Build a portfolio

– Building a strong foundation


John and Lisa buy 2 investment properties over a 3-year period which is what their incomes could support. 2 high-growth properties located in major capital cities on the east coast. Both properties are slightly neutral cash flow (after tax), so they cover their own costs and are gaining value of around 7% pa (average annual growth).

Do properties really grow at that rate?

The capital gain over the past 25 years equates to an annual growth rate of 6.8% pa for houses and 5.9% pa for unit according to CoreLogic (see graph below).

At 6.8% for houses that equates to approximately 10.5 years to double in value. And that is the just the average Australia-wide.

The Property Fastlane – Building property portfolios of 3 or more


This is not necessarily for everyone. Conservative investors may wish to stop at 1 or 2 investment properties. And that is fine, it will just mean you push your goals out further by taking a more conservative approach.

For the ambitious investors, if you are wanting to build a large property portfolio, this step is critical. 93% of investors get stuck at 3 total properties because they do not earn enough to keep going.

John and Lisa have big goals. They want to buy 4 investment properties over the course of their lives and be able to earn $100k passive income in just 10 years.

This is where the acceleration phase comes in. At the 5-year mark, John and Lisa invest in a property development, using their equity in their portfolio and some savings. Investing in projects and flipping to get short-term profits.

The Income Phase

– Enjoying passive incom


John and Lisa turn their attention to their passive income goal. $100k pa. They use their cash balance (which was built up through recycling their initial property development returns), and additional equity from their portfolio to get enough money to invest into a property development and earn $100k pa. Consistently!

To get $100k pa they invest $400k into projects paying 25%pa returns.

The great thing is, all going well, they only need to get accumulate $400k once. They then recycle this amount from project to project to consistently get their $100k income each year.

Another key point is that the foundation they have built (their portfolio) acts as a safety net and an automatic, equity generating machine. Maybe one day a project doesn’t go to plan and they get 0% (they only get their initial investment of $400k back). If they are planning to live on the expected $100k profit, then that will bring this balance down to $300k.

Good thing they have the portfolio and it has been growing organically in the background because they can leverage more equity (or sell down property) to top their investment back up for the next project.

The Nest Egg Phase – Using property development to boost superannuation


Though this is numerically Phase 4, it started much earlier in the piece. At year 2, John and Lisa realised that their Superannuation was not performing as they liked. Lack of control, transparency, even their own understanding meant their Super was neglected.

It was returning modest returns and they are concerned that economic downturns may mean their super takes a big hit. This meant it was never going to be enough for them to achieve their retirement goals alone.

What John and Lisa did was set up an SMSF with the help of an accountant, and invested into short-term projects just like they did with their equity and cash.

This is called the Nest Egg Phase because you can’t reap the benefits of Super until you reach retirement years. But the reason they started young, is with potentially higher returns on offer, their nest egg could be huge once it came time to retire.


The Consolidation Phase – Paying down debt

As mention above, this phase is about paying down debt to consolidate your position. Once John and Lisa have built their empire, they can consolidate in a couple of different ways.

They can use development returns to pay down big chunks of debt or sell down a property or 2 and use the gain to clear mortgages. With a potentially big super balance to look forward to and with rental income increasing too they have an exciting life ahead of them and a legacy to leave for future generations.

Most people are busy working 50-60 hours every week and miss out on seeing their kids grow up. Until they start accumulating assets, paying less tax and getting out of debt faster, they’ll always be overworking and missing out on life.

The good news is it doesn’t have to stay this way. There is a way out. I’d like invite you to a free “Property Portfolio Strategy Session”.

You will discover:

  • The right way to build a million-dollar retirement that generates income.
  • How you too CAN pay off your home in as little as 7-10 years NOT 25 Plus Years
  • Strategies to reduce your income tax legally using Australian investment property
  • How you CAN get past the “one property is all I can afford” trap 60% of investors fall into... a strategy so simple, you’ll be kicking yourself for not discovering it sooner
  • How to use property development to build you capital which can then be used to acquire additional properties

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